Acronis Cloud Backup

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Kinds of cloud backup solutions provided

  • Double Protection with Cloud Disaster Recovery
  • Improved Office 365 Cloud-to-cloud Backup
  • Full image and file-level backups
  • Any system to any environment recovery

Do you feel that cloud backup storage services will be best suited to your needs for data backup storage? Cost-effectiveness is your main aim while deciding on a data backup system and you think that there is no better solution for that than cloud backup in Dubai? If you are concerned about the security of your data backup and you think that only the cloud service providers have the right amount of security against data breaches then contact Chipin and our team of IT professionals will help you to setup data backup storage in any of the cloud backup service you want to use.

“What’s the cost of your data? A cloud backup protects you against any onsite mishap.”​

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Centralized Data

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File Transfer Security

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Easy Backups


Lower Costs

Chipin - Our Acronis Cloud Backup Offering

Managed Acronis Cloud Backup

As a cloud hosting company, we offer disk-to-disk-to-offsite backup solutions with real-time data protection services for mission-critical data in your application and database servers both locally for instant recovery and offsite for disaster recovery.

Managed Data Base

Chipin Managed Database Services that help you manage mission-critical databases effectively, ensuring optimal performance and adhering to the world-class service levels required by your business.

Recover to bare-metal

Boost your recovery time using a complete system image that’s ready for reinstallation. It’s easy to restore a full system on a computer with an empty disk drive.

Customizable backup scheduling

Perform manual or automatic backups according to the desired schedule and frequency – monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or even every 10 minutes.