IT Security Solutions in Dubai

With ever-changing technological advances, increased economic pressures, and growing sophistication of security threats, businesses today, are expected to be vigilant and proactive in responding to threats.
Chipin is one of the highly experienced and qualified IT security solutions companies in Dubai with a team of professionals who manage and monitor your critical IT infrastructure around the clock. You can leverage our decades of experience, deep industry knowledge, and business-process know-how on cyber security solutions to protect your business against threats and minimize risks.
In today’s world, many types of IT security solutions exist but it’s widely accepted that organizations can improve productivity and business growth and increase customer trust only by implementing comprehensive internet security solutions and protecting information and systems from threats and attacks.
Key steps that onsite IT resources take as an IT Security Solutions team provides to protect you from Cyber Attacks
  • Target potential gaps and risks in your network
  • Protect your network with best practices in IT security Solutions workspace suitable to your business
  • Keep your network up to date
  • Monitor regularly which all IT Security Solutions are performing well for your network


Businesses these days live in the cloud, run on mobile devices and constantly evolve to be competitive. Because of this free approach, businesses unknowingly open their doors to all kinds of cyber threats. This also leads to several compliance issues and the price paid for breaches is very heavy.

IT Security Solutions and data protection technologies such as email filters, firewalls, antivirus, etc. do add some protection but are not foolproof in protecting your business. Having the rights Managed IT Security Services Provider (MSSP) by your side in today’s day and age as cyber attacks have become highly sophisticated and frequent.

Chipin partners with some of the best IT security solutions companies in the market, to offer unparalleled value to our customer’s businesses. Key security solutions examples that we implement include Sophos, ESET, McAfee & TrendMicro

We offer complete 360-degree solutions right from protecting your servers to your website against any hack or malware. Check out the latest Report and trends on IT Security Solutions on the global landscape.

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It’s not a matter of IF but WHEN will you get hacked? Your network is as strong as the weakest link in it.

Benefits of Chipin as your IT Security Solutions Provider in Dubai


Superior Protection

save money

Reduced TCO


24x7 monitoring

security purposes

Expert Guidance


Rapid Response



Chipin IT Security Solutions Offerings

Real Time Threat Monitoring (RTTM)

Our Real Time Threat Monitoring Services (RTTM) keeps a check on your equipment, so it can provide you with better visibility of your organization’s cyber risk. The Managed IT Security Services offers comprehensive daily, weekly, and monthly logs for you to make quick and effective decisions on how to improve your network security.

Patch Management

Missing security patches and updates are one of the leading causes of attacks. Our patch management services scan all connected endpoints to give you a list of issues. After this, our experts perform an update to your systems to keep you protected.

Managed End Point

Our team of IT Security experts monitor end-point antivirus and malware solutions installed on all your devices through a central cloud portal and take corrective action when a warning goes off.

Managed Firewall

We offer managed firewalls as a service in which we manage firewall operation, administration, monitoring, and maintenance of firewalls. We assist in establishing, maintaining, and modifying firewall rules to ensure network performance and security.

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