Windows Server Dubai​

Windows Server Support

Looking to install a Windows server Dubai?  If you have decided to install an on-premise Windows Server 2019 or Windows Server 2016 in your office in Dubai to facilitate your growing business, you have already made a good choice.

With a Windows Server 2019 installed in your network, you can perform many operations from centralizing business data, stopping unauthorized access to your data, authenticating users, applying group policies, sharing printers to much more. Read our 13 questions to answer before you buy a Windows Server Dubai

You need a reliable and experienced IT Solutions company to supply you with the right mix of hardware and Windows server licenses. it is important to choose hardware that is scalable to accommodate at least 3 years of business growth.

It is important to choose the physical server that helps to achieve your business purpose whether it be file sharing, security, or hosing your business ERP with multiple users accessing it at the same time. Dell and HP servers are designed to be reliable and robust and with extensive storage and processing options.

Having Windows Server Support services in Dubai for your Windows Server 2008 environment is crucial as Microsoft has already ended support for up to Windows Server 2012 R2. Having your business data on a server and not maintaining it can be disastrous.

You are probably too busy growing your business to focus on server management and because of that, you don’t realize its importance until it is too late. You know that data loss, security breaches, and poor server performance negatively impact your business. Also, you may not have the time or expertise to ensure systems are monitored, secured, and backed up 24/7

Our Windows server support service gives you the peace of mind that your business-critical servers are being monitored and managed around the clock. in this service, we monitor all your business-critical servers so you can have peace of mind.

Chipin also performs Windows security patching, updates, backups, etc. of your server during non-working hours so your business doesn’t have to suffer. Apart from Windows servers, we offer other IT Services as well.

“An unmanaged server in 2017 costed British Airways $68 Million for a downtime of 4 hours. What’s it going to cost your business for a 4-hour downtime?”​

13 Question to answer before Buying a Windows Server Dubai

  • kind of processors do you require
  • Number of processor cores and threads that are required?
  • Size of RAM that is required along with the number of chips and speed being used
  • Server disk capacity that is required
  • Raid configuration to be used. Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5, Raid 10
  • Is Dual Power Supply available
  • Number of network ports that be used in teaming
  • Kind of hardware support package that you are getting? Onsite or Remote and for the number of years
  • The version of Windows Server license and CALS required
  • How Many Processor slots are available in the server for expansion
  • How many RAM slots are available for Future Expansion
  • How many Disk Slots are available for future expansion
  • Don't Forget to get a trail copy of windows server 2019 download along with other free downloads from Microsoft

Our Windows Server Support Offering

1. Proactive Server Monitoring

Our expert team of system admins proactively monitors your servers to prevent them from having issues. We use advanced performance monitoring tools which allow us to predict issues before they become disasters.

2. Active Directory Audit

We perform Active Directory setup corrections to start with and then perform monthly audits to keep the structure clean, well-documented, and compliant with various licensing authorities

3. Virtualization Management

Virtualization is becoming more economical these days allowing businesses to leverage the hardware at hand. We manage and maintain all your virtual servers such as VMware and Windows HyperV

4. File Server Management
An optimized file share structure can protect your data against security breaches as well as make file sharing easier. You will get full assistance in efficiently implementing the right setups for your organization.