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Why Choose Chipin in Dubai

chipin why choose our it company in dubai

Chipin IT firm in United Arab Emirates  

More than 99% up time guarantee means we Chipin, IT firm in  United Arab Emirates   are pioneer in the managed IT service industry in Dubai and in Sharjah, PRO-ACTIVE IT SUPPORT 90 percent of problems will face regarding IT may be fixed  with assistance of our IT consultants and team before they changed your business, no longer down time.


 Increase your company  productivity 

Increase your company  productivity  when your infrastructure operates smoothly, everybody else in your business gets more done with new technologies  that may lead  increase productivity in your business .

SECURED Our Managed security services combined, computer service, Firewall, IDS, Antivirus, IT consulting  and much more services  …effectively handle new threats.



SAFEGUARD YOUR BUSINESS “Prepare for the unexpected” Managed Data Backup to make sure your data are protected and there in case of losing it  safeguard your business data in an episode of catastrophe strikes.

SAVE MONEY Reduced yearly IT budgets by 50 percent by adopting our managed services and goods.


All services you can have  for your business with Chipin in Dubai and Sharjah 

  • IT AMC
  • Windows server support
  • Onsite resources
  • IT security solution
  • Website Management 
  • Software Solution 
  •  Time attendance machines 
  • Office IT setup

Software Solutions Chipin  can provide in Dubai

  • Acronis Cloud Backup

  • GoTo Meeting – Pro

  • Office 365 Business Essentials Plan

  • MS Office 2019 – Microsoft Office Home & Business

  • Windows 10 Pro

  • MS Office 2019 – Microsoft Office Home & Business

Software solutions from Chipin

  • Quick Cheque
  • Call Accounting Software
  • D’ Business Suite – ERP
  • Engagement Diary

IT solutions from Chipin in Dubai

Benefits of getting all your IT solutions from Chipin in Dubai

1-More controlled IT Budget

Consolidating making all  IT solutions and services with Chipin should lower the total time spent managing procurement procedures as well as the overall monetary commitment they make in obtaining technology and services. This unification would eliminate most of the uncertainty that service providers encounter when estimating work owing to a lack of all needed facts about your environment, as well as boost their power to deliver and collaborate with your internal teams.

2-Better deliverable quality and team experience

Working with Chipin will guarantee that all of the solutions given are correctly integrated and function together without any additional effort.which is the complete opposite of working with multiple service providers where the integration is extremely difficult and time consuming.

3-Streamlined Support

Technology is complex; if your business uses many service providers for various apps and something goes wrong, who should they contact? Even if they call someone, each service provider will blame the other, and they will have to spend a significant amount of time and effort dealing with them to remedy their issues. However, when you only have Chipin as service provider is involved, it is significantly easier to handle their concerns.

About Chipin 

Chipin was formed with the aim of providing reliable and hassle free IT services in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. We are proud today to say that we are one of the leading IT Companies in Dubai with 100’s of business relying on our IT Services and IT setups on a daily basis. We are a turnkey solution provider and believe in easing the way for businesses when it comes to managing business processes. Our IT solutions are reliable, secure and integrated with the latest technologies so customers like you can reap the benefits of your IT Investments.

Chipin committed to achieve a sustained growth in the information technology services sector. Learning from the past experiences and adopting latest technological innovations, we implement cost effective and value added solutions for our clients to suite their business requirements.