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Why use a Call Accounting System?

Call Accounting System

A Call Accounting System is a telecommunications software or hardware application that captures, records, and costs telephone usage events. They are referred to as Call Accounting Software, Call Billing Software or Call Logging Software depending on the market they are sold in. Call Accounting Systems may detect outbound and inbound calls, call ring outs, call routing, abandoned calls, and other activities in a central database making it a data warehouse for all telecom information.

Common uses of Call Accounting System

  • Service Billing and Provisioning — Call Accounting Systems may provide pricing, packaging, provisioning and posting of telephone services for purposes of revenue recognition. Professional services companies utilize such Call Accounting Software for account code or client based billing of their phone usage. The hospitality industry uses call accounting to resell phone services to visiting guests and groups. These call accounting systems often provide accessible application-specific rating and provisioning capabilities found generally on carrier-level operational support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS)
  • Departmental and Employee Chargeback — The original purpose of call accounting systems was within corporate entities for purposes of cost allocations within the enterprise. Enterprises use call accounting to allocate costs back to divisions, departments, and even individual employees. Such systems may also provide data directly to corporate accounting and human resource systems.
  • Cost and Revenue Charge Back — Call accounting software can reconcile multiple telecom carrier’s billing reports by integrating telecom invoices, wireless billing, long distance charges and calling cards into a single platform, allowing your business to use the convergent expense software to provide management reports, analytic reports, alerts as well as charge back a portion of the cost to your employees.
  • Network Optimisation — Companies also use call accounting systems to determine whether their voice and data networks are being utilised efficiently, in a cost effective manner, or to capacity. Call accounting applications are used to monitor network activity and bandwidth, identify over- and under-used trunks to optimise trunking configurations, pinpoint the root cause of circuit outages, monitor call routing effectiveness, queue times, abandoned calls and other information, and report usage trends and statistics. Call accounting can help companies more efficiently allocate telecom resources and make better planning decisions affecting a telecommunications network.

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Kall Guage

Key Features of Kall gauge

  • Invoice Distribution Automation

Invoices may be immediately imported via the CD given by telecom operators or using an excel file. This saves a significant amount of time since the system understands and accepts the data formats offered by telecom carriers, allowing you to check vast amounts of data with a single click.

  • Maintenance of Organisation Structure

Kall Gauge lets you to design and manage organizational hierarchies by grouping them into Group, Company, and Site. User access is managed at the site level, allowing site administrators to manage site-related information such as adding users, loading data, verifying submissions, and taking site-level reports.

  • Maintenance of Subscription History

Kall Gauge allows you to save and track subscription data such as the date of subscription, who initiated/registered it, the telecom operator, the SIM number, the PUK number, where it was installed, and the account number.

  • Maintenance of Contacts

Kall Gauge includes a one-of-a-kind function that allows users to import contacts directly from MS Outlook 2003/2007. These contacts are then used to assign names to all outgoing calls. This feature significantly improves the readability of the telecom invoice and allows the end user to quickly and precisely identify his or her Personal Calls. Contacts may also be directly added or imported using an excel file.

  • Reporting

Kall Gauge includes standard reports that allow customers to separate, validate, account for, and audit telecom consumption. Depending on the parameters of implementation, an additional report may be produced.


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