On-Premise IP PBX System

A reliable, secure, and feature-rich IP PBX system for SMBs. Unify Business communication and customer engagement in one platform.

Flexible Modular Design. IP PBX Scalability Made Easy.


The telephony interfaces are completely modular and customizable. Use telephony modules, expansion boards, and DSP modules to easily add more telephony interfaces and expand system capacity.


Telephony Modules

S2 Module: 2 FXS ports to connect 2 analog telephones

O2 Module: 2 FXO ports to connect 2 analog PSTN lines

SO Module: 1 FXS port and 1 FXO port for PSTN fallback

B2 Module: 2 NT/TE BRI ports

GSM/3G Module: 1 channel for GSM voice calls

4G LET Module: Enable 4G cellular data on SIM card

Add Telephony Interfaces

To add more telephony interfaces, go for the expansion boards.

EX08 has 4 onboard module slots and 8 interfaces on the panel, while EX30 has 1 onboard E1/T1/PRI port.

P560 supports one expansion board and P570 allows two.

Expand System Capacity

As your business expands, more uses and concurrent calls can also be added easily to meet growing needs.

Each DSP module gives you an extra 100 VoIP users and 30 concurrent calls, and you can add up to 1 DSP module to your P560 and up to 2 DSP modules to your P570.


The perfect blend of IP PBX reliability, flexibility, and security

  • Intuitive user interface: easy to adopt, use, and manage
  • Queue Callback, call flip, call recording, and more
  • Compatibility tested with 120+ ITSPs worldwide
  • IP Phone Auto-provisioning support for 270+ models
  • Seamless interoperability with PSTN, ISDN, E1/T1/PRI, and analog
  • Hot Standby: dual-server redundancy with real-time data sync
  • Multi-layer security measures: 2FA, Auto & Static Defense, etc.

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Voice, video, message, customer experience, in one IP PBX.

linkus uc clients

Linkus UC Clients

Feature-rich UC app for seamless collaboration. Available on web, desktop, and mobile.

operator panel

Operator Panel

Gain real-time visibility into call flows. Dispatch calls with easy drag-and-drop.

call center

Call Center Console

Equip agents and supervisors with useful tools like IVR, Operator Panel, Wallboard, and more.

remote working

Remote Working

Work from anywhere and stay connected with secure remote access.

omnichannel messaging

Omnichannel Messaging

Go beyond just voice. Engage customers through SMS and WhatsApp messaging.

video conferencing

Video Conferencing

Meet face-to-face through HD audio and video.

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Powerful Integrations, Streamlined Workflows

Easily streamline your workflows and empower your teams with ready-made integration with Microsoft Teams, popular CRMs, helpdesks, hotel PMS, and other business platforms.

You also get the ultimate flexibility to build your own with our open APIs.

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