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7 tips for remote working to make you a workplace hero today

7 tips for remote working
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As we fight throughout the world to respond to the transmission of COVID-19, we know that this time presents unique challenges for small businesses around the world. Below are some tips that we have compiled to help you position your business better. We have compiled a list of 7 tips for remote working which will help you setup your workplace for success.

7 Tips for remote working

Backup your Office Systems

With employees working from home and accessing your business data over the internet, the risk of Data Theft or Data Loss has become paramount. It is extremely important that you setup a Backup for your important IT Systems. Whether it is your server, your emails, your ERP or any other system that you use at your office. The last thing you want to hear in this situation is that a computer virus encrypted all your data because of an employee working from Home. There are several backup solutions, both free and paid, available in the market which you can use and below is a simple list

  1. Cobian Backup (Free)
  2. FeeFileSync (Free)
  3. EaseUs Backup (Paid but Free with our Support Subscriptions)
  4. Acronis Backup Cloud (AED 0.50 per GB per Month for Cloud Backup)
Get an Online Meeting Place

A lot of online meeting places are available which provide you with High Definition Audio and Video Communication for all your meeting needs. You can setup meetings with 2 to 100 participants using these solutions. Subscribing is easy as you only need an email address most of the times. 3 online meeting solutions which we recommend are

  1. Go To Meeting (Free Trial and Paid Editions)
  2. Zoom Meeting (Free and Paid Editions)
  3. Microsoft Teams (Free and Paid Editions)
Setup Email Auto Responders

Most often ignored, the Out of office responses and Email forwarding rules are an absolute must to get your clients reaching the right people in your team. Depending on your mail setup, you can either use Office 365/Google App rules or cPanel Email Auto Forwarders to setup your email workflow properly.

Setup Group Chat with Team

Quick and simple communication with the team members is a must in these times. Calling your team mates for small things might lead to a huge loss of productivity. For this you need a Chatting tool which will give you anytime anywhere access to information. Although there are many paid and unpaid tools available for this, our top recommendations are

  1. WhatsApp Groups – Create Small groups for each team/business operation and use WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Windows App for quick and fast chatting
  2. WorkPlace by Facebook – A free tool in which you can register using corporate email and do Facebook like chat, posting, video calling etc
  3. Slack – A simple chatting tool for companies.
Forward Landline to Mobile
Setting up call forwarding for your office landline is what most of us will forget. This will leave the calls ringing without any answer and your clients thinking about your company otherwise. Each Office phone system whether Cisco, Avaya, NEC, Panasonic or Grandstream provides a simple option to forward the incoming calls to a mobile phone. Contact your IT Company or us to assist your further with this.
Setup Chat on your website
You should setup a chatting system on your website so your customers can reach you in absence of phone and email communication. This may sound complex but is really simple and free. You can use chat app for Free to have your chat platform up in less than an hour. Having Chat on your site will bring in additional inquiries for your business.

As Chipin is the preferred IT Partner for 1,000’s of customer across the UAE. Our unique services cater to organizations that are either looking for expertise to add on to their existing IT Teams or completely outsourcing their IT setup to us including, hardware, network, email, website and other business applications.

We can help you in setting up your office systems to work remotely from the comfort and safety of your home. Call us today to know more

Expert Solutions – 7 tips for remote working

The solutions recommended above are practical, economical and robust to support your organization. You can implement them whether you are large company with 1000’s of employees or a budding business with 10/15 employees. our experts will help you identify, plan and implement these solutions from the comfort or your home.