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Cloud Backup Services in Dubai – Top 6 Reasons to Engage with Chipin

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Cloud Backup  – Why Backup your data to the cloud?

Let’s agree, accidents do happen, and they can be catastrophic depending on how well prepared you were at the time. 2019 witnessed the biggest hacks to date, with a persistent and endless stream of malware, breaches, and data leaks, that affected innumerable businesses and people across the globe. The UAE  was no exception.

A Khaleej Times report states that there has been a year-on-year growth of 7% in the number of threats in the Middle East. Whereas other sources say that 1 in 6 PC users were subject to at least one virus or malware attack in the year 2019.

Today, organizations of all sizes rely more on data and IT systems than they have ever done before. This thus increases the value of organizational data significantly, which in turn requires increased levels of IT security and the need for cloud backup services.

Not only have there been threats and attacks, but there have been many silly reasons as well.

Let’s be honest: have you ever reformatted a hard disk thinking it was a flash drive? Have you ever overwritten a file by mistake and said “EEEE…  HHHH, I shouldn’t have done that!”. Today’s computers can do a lot of damage in a very short period of time. Backup systems can save you hours, days, or months of trying to reconstruct your valuable data. It is crucial to have a backup system in place to protect your important files and prevent data loss. In addition, regularly testing your backup system can ensure that it is working properly and effectively.

Cloud Backup Services in Abu Dhabi

90% of people lose their data for these four common reasons:

These reasons include hardware failure, human error, malware or virus attacks, and natural disasters. It is crucial to have a backup system in place to protect against these potential threats.

Top 6 reasons why you should cloud backup your data today 

  • Loss of reputation 

In case of a data breach or loss, your reputation could be at stake. Cloud backup ensures that your data is secure and can be easily restored, protecting your reputation and business continuity.

  • Loss of Job

is one of the potential consequences of data loss, which can be prevented by implementing a reliable cloud backup solution.

  • Loss of Business Revenue

The loss of business revenue can lead to a significant decrease in profits and may result in downsizing or cost-cutting measures. If the situation is not addressed promptly, it could ultimately lead to the failure of the business completely.

  • Failure of Business Completely
  • Legal action from FTA due to not keeping records for past 5 years

This situation can have serious consequences for the business, including financial penalties and damage to its reputation. It is important for the business to take immediate action to address the FTA’s concerns and ensure compliance with record-keeping requirements going forward

Cloud Backup in Dubai

Advantages of backing up your data with Chipin in Dubai

  • A properly backed up data is 9 times faster to recover
  • The process if completely automated so once the backup is scheduled you dont have to do anything else
  • You receive notifications of successful and failed backups
  • Automatically backup upto 100GB of data to the cloud for AED 600 Per Year

Cloud Backup Subscription

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