Implement Cloud Solutions At Your Small Business!

cloud solutions

What is cloud backup 

Cloud backup, also known as online backup or remote backup, is a method of storing a duplicate of a physical or virtual file or database in a secondary, off-site location in the event of equipment failure or disaster.

The cloud solutions for Small Business in Dubai

Whether you believe in the miracles of cloud services and IT maintenance services or not, they play a crucial part in the IT infrastructure of a business. Especially, the pandemic situation has taught us all the importance of these services. Cloud enabled us to maintain the security of our files even from our homes. If your business is still managing the files without the cloud, it is time to change that. Including cloud can future-proof your business in ways you could have never even imagined or considered. 

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Cloud backup

Cloud backup is so advantageous that not only well-established companies are using it, but even small businesses are relying on it for the management and security of their files. People are using it even without realizing it. For instance, regular emailing apps in use like Yahoo and Gmail use cloud backup to store the emails. It is what the cloud does. It stores the data in an online environment and improves the flexibility and accessibility of the crucial files. This IT solution helps in running the business operation even from outside of the workplace. 

By now, you must have realized what wonders cloud can do for your small business. So without any further delay, let us discuss the various cloud-based services. We will also mention their advantages and disadvantages to help you choose the best one for your small business. 

  1. Private Cloud- Private Cloud services get dedicated entirely to your business. They get hosted either on-site or in a service provider’s data centre. Usually, it gets offered at a monthly lease and is only available to the selected organization. The benefits of a private cloud are plenty. It gets managed by a business on their premises. The business itself is responsible for keeping it active. It can get accessed by the workers through any provided devices like laptops, desktop or a smartphone. A private cloud offers more flexibility and security. But, some small businesses might find one disadvantage of a private cloud- its cost. It requires investment for managing, maintaining and securing server units. Private cloud also adds to the electricity bills. 
  1. Public cloud- It is based on shared hardware and gets owned by a third-party vendor. The infrastructure gets shared by numerous organizations. Azure by Microsoft is one example of a public cloud. One of the most appreciated advantages of a public cloud over a private is that it is affordable for any business. You will not have to spend on getting the server unit managed on your premises. It only requires you to manage your data. It might be available at a low cost, but it does come with some concerns. The cloud space gets handled by the service provider, and you won’t have much control over it. It also not allows controlling the security according to your convenience. 
  1. Hybrid Cloud- If you are not satisfied with either of the above, Hybrid cloud is just for you. A hybrid cloud includes an IT company Dubai that hosts your data. It then requires you to work with the company to design the infrastructure, to an extent with which you are comfortable. It helps to prevent wastage of time and to utilize it in enhancing the productivity of your business. To be precise, IT companies in UAE help you make your customized cloud with a Hybrid cloud. 

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How secure are cloud backup?

Data security starts with the solution. It means you can rely on Acronis’ integrated, machine-learning-based self-defense against zero-day ransomware threats. Its self-protection technique protects Acronis software, your data, and all backup files from ransomware, even strains never seen before. Meanwhile, in the secure Acronis Cloud, enterprise-grade encryption protects your data in transit and at rest. As a result, your data is only accessible to you. Lastly, your cloud-based files are secure in our Tier-IV data centers, which have several certifications such as SSAE-18, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

Whats is different between cloud backup and cloud storage ?

Cloud storage allows you to easily share files online so that your coworkers, friends, and family may access them. Cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple’s iCloud, and Microsoft’s OneDrive are excellent examples.

A cloud backup solution is one that automatically backs up your apps, data, virtual machines, and servers to the cloud in order to maintain business continuity. You can recover your complete system in the case of a calamity. Acronis Cyber Protect, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, and Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office backup your operating system as well.

Implement Cloud Solutions At Your Small Business!

What are the cloud backup advantages?

  • It adds another layer of off-site data security in the case of a disaster.

Every firm should have a backup strategy in place to deal with crises and prevent losing critical corporate data. Cloud backup generates a backup of all data held by the organization, which files are then saved in a distant place where they may be retrieved at any time via an internet connection.

  •  It is safe and secure.

Once in the cloud, the data is dispersed among numerous servers to protect it against hardware failures. Top cloud backup service providers, such as Stage2Data, utilize military-grade encryption to ensure no one can access the data. Cloud servers also provide automatic backups and snapshots to guarantee further data security.

  • It is inexpensive.

Switching to cloud storage might save your yearly operational expenditures as well as your bandwidth bills. You may save even more money by not using internal power and resources to store or manage data remotely. The cloud is inexpensive and has been shown to be the most secure option to backup essential and historical data.

  • It is automated .

Storing and processing programs and data on the cloud allows you to plan data backups so that everyday company activities are not disrupted, which is a difficulty for most business owners. Cloud backup eliminates the time-consuming job of manually backing up data on a daily basis. You choose what you want to backup and when you want it to run, and the cloud handles the rest.

  • It is simple, accessible, up to date, and dependable.

Cloud backup does not demand any more time from you or your customer. When you connect to the Internet, your computer data are automatically and continually backed up to the cloud. Putting data in the cloud guarantees that your consumers may access their data at any time and from any location as long as they have Internet connectivity. Users may effortlessly drag and drop files onto the cloud, and no technological knowledge is necessary to efficiently use the cloud. Cloud backup systems have simplified ongoing maintenance and restoration; backed-up data may be discovered and recovered from anywhere in the globe with only a few clicks.

Cloud backup may also assist your firm in lowering its carbon footprint because using the cloud for data storage and backup is far more ecologically friendly than using physical storage devices. Finally, it may save your organization money on energy expenses.

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