Importance of IT cabling at an Organisation!

IT Cabling

Importance of IT cabling at an Organisation in Dubai

IT cabling is a cabling system with associated hardware that provides a complete telecommunication infrastructure that provides services, such as data transmission and telephone services.

This infrastructure helps in transferring data through a computer network. One realises the importance of structured cabling only when their organisation grows.

Being one of the leading IT companies in Dubai, Chipin offers its structured cabling services to make your company grow more than ever. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind the importance of structured cabling for business phone systems.

Why is Structured IT Cabling Service by Chipin In Dubai Beneficial for you?

Why is Structured IT Cabling Service by Chipin In Dubai Beneficial for you?

1. It is easily manageable- IT cabling makes it easy for you to manage things at your office.

When your business grows, you can easily add new applications or users without disturbing your daily performance. Unified and segmented cabling will allow you to solve any issue.

2. Maintains the aesthetics of your Office- Wires scattered all over your workplace can look unorganised and messy.

Structured cabling will leave a good impression on your clients and other visitors. 

The tangled wires will no longer affect the aesthetics of your office.

3. Collaboration with IoT enabled Devices- IoT enabled devices are the devices connected to the internet. When structured cabling combines with IoT devices, helps in energy management. 

It also gives cyber security options and helps in the automation of business operations.

4. Cost-efficient- The structured cabling will allow you to flow the data through your computer network at an affordable cost. This cost-effective solution will increase the productivity of your business.

5. Secure cabling- Cables scattered all over can pose a threat of electrical shocks and fires. With structured cabling, your office will become a much safer place to work as it will reduce the risk of trips and falls, fires and shocks.

6. Reduced workflow disruptions- Structured cabling makes it easier to troubleshoot problems. It also makes identifying faults faster and easier.

7. Fast Data Speed- IT cabling will allow quick data transmission due to the high data speed.

8. Durable- The high-quality cables installed in structured cabling are capable enough to run for a long time with any interruptions.

IT cabling in Dubai

Types of Cables

  • Shielded Cables

It is made up of one or two insulated wires that are covered by a woven braided shield or aluminum Mylar foil for improved signal transmission and to eliminate inconsistencies in power frequency and external radio interference. These wires carry high voltage electric current and are shielded.

  • Twisted Pair Cables

It is made up of two or more insulated copper wires that are twisted together and color-coded. These wires are often used in telephone lines, and the number of wires determines the resistance to external interference.

  • Coaxial Cables

This comprises of a solid copper or steel conductor coated with copper that is surrounded with metallic braid and tape. An insulated protective outer jacket completely covers this. These cables are used in computer networking as well as audio-video networking.

  • Fibre Optics Cable

There are cables that transfer optical data signals from a connected light source to a receiving device. We all know what optical fiber is and how it may be used in a number of applications.

IT cabling in Dubai


Why Choose Chipin Over other IT companies in Dubai?

We offer our structured cabling services all across Dubai that comes accompanied by free site surveys. 

Our IT professionals will examine your place before installing structured cabling.

We provide both copper and fibre cabling services. 

With extensive knowledge of our IT cabling team will make working at your office in Dubai easy and efficient.