Superior Biometric System for Your Company

Biometric system

The correct outcomes may be effortlessly and as it should be contemplated at the salary calculation and human sources control. The Biometric Time & Attendance Systems is able to rapid fingerprint authentication, thereby permitting the facts access to be recorded right away as it’s miles created with none delay, even all through the busy morning rush hour. By computerizing the system hour facts generated through the device, the human sources branch can enhance their performance.

It additionally permits a centralized system hour control of personnel running at a couple of places, and the facts vital for HR and Payroll processing may be efficiently gathered and contemplated. With Biometric system devices, any enterprise or establishments will have the top-quality device through connecting it to their very own or different present systems, allowing a control innovation that solves any feasible system hour control problems, even as saving the salary charges and structure.

Special Feature of the Solution

  1. The usage of the fingerprint popularity generation that lets in correct affirmation of humans’s actual identity, the device can do away with the opportunity of unlawful activities, which includes Buddy Punching and report fabricating. It can bring about speedy ROI through doing away with pointless spending on fabricated overtimes, etc.

  2. Built-in ‘fingerprint popularity generation that has the world’ quickest authentication speed, this device lets in the ones groups and establishments with massive variety of personnel to procedure the ID test quicker and extra conveniently, with out using playing cards or ID.
  3. By the usage of the TCP/IP-primarily based totally Internet network, the paintings hour control and the human sources control for a couple of branches in exclusive places may be dealt with effortlessly at a imperative office.
  4. The paintings hour facts produced through the fingerprint popularity device can inter work with different accounting, salary control, and ERP systems. The device can inter work with numerous database and software program through the usage of the software program improvement package that includes the device, or through the usage of software program with report-producing options.

Types of biometrics system for time attendance at Chipin in Dubai



we have variety of Fingertec the flagship brand for biometric system for time attendance control and access for doors using biometric like fingerprint ,check Chipin shop page for all models  of Fingertec

2-ZK Time Attendance System

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One of best systems for time attendance ,at Chipin we have variety of ZK Time Attendance System models to control attendance time and door access for your company ,check out what models  we have from our shop page