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Technical support services. Why and who needs? Will it sell?

technical support

Technical Support services by Chipin in Dubai

Sophisticated technical tools penetrate the lives of ordinary people and ordinary business. Technical Support services– closely associated with the service of the manufacturer of software and equipment or the project executors (for example, developing and further servicing the site), which helps users to properly configure and exploit a complex product, as well as to quickly resolve problems that arise. Is it so? What does tech support do? How is it related to the sales of the company in UAE? Who needs to think about its organization and much more in our article?

Technical support functions

Technical Support Company is, in fact, a tool for after-sales service, if provided. Users contact its employees either after purchasing equipment or services, or upon completion of a project — this could be the creation of a software solution, a website, or even the introduction of an entire infrastructure support — for example, an integrated video surveillance system.

The task of technical support service is to accept requests from customers who have problems, fix them and solve them (at the time of contacting or after – in accordance with the Service Level Agreement – SLA). Sometimes, to solve a client’s problem, an answer to a question is enough, and in other cases, it is required to submit an application to a specialist who understands the problem, gives a detailed explanation and returns the solution to work.

Whatever the treatment, “technical support specialists” are required to restore the work of the serviced infrastructure, software or services as soon as possible, for which incident management mechanisms are used. The formal definition of the term “as soon as possible” is provided by the above-mentioned service level agreement – an SLA, which support tries to comply with or even exceed.

technical support


Technical support company functions by Chipin

In addition to communicating with customers, support service implements an important function of receiving feedback from users (usually the dispatchers or the “first line of support”). Provides information to the business development department – gives suggestions for changing the existing parameters of a product, service or project, as well as adding new functions and options. This connection is especially important in the B2B market, where the buyer of the solution (purchasing department) often does not coincide with its user (ordinary employees).

Why you need technical support for your business ?

Chipin‘s technical support team can help you fix any difficulties, finish some of the more time-consuming activities, or assist you with projects. This allows you to focus on more critical company issues and help other employees.

Phone service support

What Are The Different Types Of Technical Support Services?

  • Live chat support
  • Remote PC support
  • Diagnostic software
  • PC repair services
  • Phone service support

Technical support services in Dubai

More about Chipin  IT Solutions

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