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Telecom Call Accounting Software – Kall Gauge

Kall Gauge

Kall Gauge is a Call Accounting & Invoice Distribution Software which defines and automates the processes involved in the processing of monthly telecom bills for the company.

Kall Gauge provides you with a user-friendly, cost effective business intelligence tool for managing telephone calls of individual users within a company, compatible with almost any telephone configuration. It offer solutions ideal for any industry that is scalable to evolve with the business needs. Kall Gauge is an innovative call accounting system that produces valuable individual user invoices and reports from your company’s telephonic activity. From SMB to enterprise levels, our capabilities help your company run resourcefully and save any extra cost incurred.

Kall Gauge

Features Of Kall Gauge

  • Automated Distribution of Invoices – Invoices can directly be loaded through the CD provided by the telecom Operators or through an excel file. This saves enormous time as system understands and accepts the data formats provided by the telecom operators and allows you to validate large volumes of data by a single click.
  • Maintenance of Organization Structure – Kall Gauge allows you to create and maintain organization hierarchy categorizing them into Group, Company and Site. The user access is maintained at site level and allows the site administration to maintain site related information such as creating users, loading data, validating submission and taking site level reports.
  • Maintenance of Subscription History – Kall Gauge allows you to maintain and track subscription data such as date of subscription, Initiated/Registered by, Telecom Operator, SIM Number, PUK Number, Installed at,Account number etc.
  • Maintenance of Contacts – Kall Gauge brings together a unique feature allowing the end users to import contact directly from MS Outlook 2003/2007. These contacts are then utilized for tagging all outbound calls with names. This feature increases the legibility of the telecom invoice many folds and allows the end user to quickly and accurately identify his/her Personal Calls. Contacts can also be either added directly or imported using an excel file.
  • One Touch submissions – Being a user friendly system, Kall Gauge allows the end users to submit/confirm their monthly invoice by just clicking a button. Based on the contacts as well as previous history, Kall Gauge distinguishes the personal and official calls on submission and also record personal numbers for future use.
  • Submission Reminders – Sending Submission reminders using the system is incredibly easy as the system lists out who all are pending for submission in a particular month. You can customize the reminder mail on the fly and send it as and when with just one click.
  • Payment Summary – The Payment summary screen in Kall Gauge has been specifically designed in order to streamline the payment procedure. All active subscriptions, whether allocated or in stock are listed along with respective dues. System allows you to capture vital information such as Cheque Date, Voucher Number and Amount etc for future reference.
  • Generation of Accounting Entries – Based on the accounting setup, Kall Gauge  generates an Excel file detailing the accounting entries segregating the invoice amount into personal and official. This file can be used directly to integrate with any system using respective API’s.
  • Reporting – Kall Gauge is powered with standard reports which allows the users to segregate, validate, account and audit telecom usage. Additional report can be provided depending on the terms of implementation.

Licensing  Options of Kall Gauge

Kall Gauge licensing is based on the number of TCL’s that you wish to use Kall Gauge for. The below mentioned modes of licensing can be selected depending on your needs.

  1. Perpetual Licensing
  2. Yearly Subscription


TCL or Telecom Connection License is the crux of Kall Gauge Licensing. When you purchase a TCL, Chipin grants you a license for maintaining information for a telecom connection. The connection can be a Mobile, Land Lines, Lease Lines or any other kind of connection provided by any service provider.

Telecom Call Accounting

Perpetual Licensing Plan

Kall Gauge is offered to you on a perpetual basis under this mode of licensing. You pay once to acquire the base license & the required TCL’s and can use the product for ever. You can purchase and add more TCL’s as and when required. Support for the product is available at a marginal percentage of the licensing.

Yearly Subscription Plan

Kall Gauge is offered on a yearly subscription basis under this mode of licensing. The subscription is to be renewed each year in case you wish to continue to use Kall Gauge.You can purchase more TCLs as and when required. Support for the product is included in the yearly subscription fee.