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What Is Data Cabling & How Can CHIPIN Help?

Data Cabling

There is no alteration that you must have came across the word data cabling, but for the ones hearing it for the first time. Need not worry, today we are here to brief you about what is Network Cabling and Types of cables in networking Chipin provide in Dubai  ? So without any further delay, let us dive into the blog and try to understand the same.

What Is Data Cabling & How Can CHIPIN Help? in dubai

What Is Network Cabling or Data Cabling?

For the ones unaware, Network Cabling  is a method of connecting multiple devices such as personal computers, printers, CCTV cameras, servers within an IT network. To understand it better, you must know that there are two types of data cable- fibre and copper. Under the process of structured cabling- cables are run to a wall-mounted point or floor box close to where the device will be situated. Then it is run from a central location where a communication cabinet gets installed. Ultimately, the cables go back to the same cabinet, but for large-scale deployment, you could have a cabinet per floor. One more point to remember is- the fibre cables can run much longer distances than copper. Hence, fibre connects numerous cabinets while copper cables connect individual devices and return to the closest cabinet.

Network cabling

How Can CHIPIN Help With Network Cabling or Data Cabling in Dubai?

Being in the IT Solutions industry for so long, we precisely understand the customer requirements. Hence, we provide our customers with avant-garde structured cabling solutions- all across Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Our well-experienced team members specialize in the design and installation of structured cabling systems. Apart from data cabling, our experts are also proficient at offering voice cabling services that will ensure seamless and clear communication, transfer of data and information. Whether you are searching for copper or fibre type of data cable, we can provide you both. From CAT 6A Cabling to Fibre Optic Cabling and Coaxial Cabling- we can provide you with anything and everything!

If you have any queries related to data cabling, Fingertec Dubai or IT solutions, give Chipin friendly team a call today, or you can also contact Chipin via email. CHIPIN’s expert data cabling and Network cabling team is always more than happy to offer any help you may need.

Network cabling

What are the advantage you will get when Chipin is your Network Cabling provider  in Dubai?

1-Easy to Manage

Structured cabling systems are highly structured, simple to use, and the most effective techniques for implementing in your workplace. A structured cabling system is simple to use and maintain, and it is also a one-time investment that will benefit your organization for years to come.

2-Less Downtime

Unorganized cabling systems make detecting and resolving faults difficult. Furthermore, disorganized cabling systems are more prone to generate confusion and errors during the initial setup phase. When a problem develops and your phone lines go down, troubleshooting your right gear takes more time if the crew has to navigate through a muddle of networking wires. When the infrastructure allows for faster and easier repairs, your voice and data cabling systems are more effective and dependable.

3-Enhanced Flexibility

A structured cabling system provides a high level of flexibility since it can readily and quickly adapt new changes, additions, or moves. This assures that your company’s performance is better and of high quality, resulting in increased business growth. It also reduces the time required for installation and boosts flexibility to network infrastructure changes, making it easier to migrate to a new work place.

Choose the best Networking Cabling Service Company in Dubai

With cutting-edge services, we elevate structured cabling and networking to new heights. Our Data Cabling / Structured Cabling solutions in Dubai, UAE were created with high quality and today’s corporate bandwidth requirements in mind. We have Networking solutions and IT solutions  that can enable all types of connectivity, including voice and data. Chipin provide maximum deployment flexibility as well as any business areas or customisation needs.