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A guide to protect against ransomware attack in UAE

Ransomware attack in UAE

What are Cyber Threats & how to protect against ransomware attack?

Cyber threats refer to a malicious attack to unlawfully access confidential data, disrupt projects and damage communication causing a serious setback to any business. Cyber attacks hit businesses and private systems every day, but corporations are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

The motives behind a cyberattack can be many, and one of the most common is ransom. Cyber criminals hack a system making it useless and demand a ransom to restore its functionality, popularly called as Ransomware. Another motive involves data theft for data of a business including lists of clients, financial data of customers, email addresses, credit card information, login credential, access to IT infrastructure and sensitive personal data.

In recent years post Covid, ransomware attack in UAE have been on the rise. With most businesses have switched to an online mode which has further increased the risk of cyber attacks, as a result, their number has significantly increased, resulting in the collapse of many high and low-profile businesses.

Recently Microsoft exchange server was compromised due to a cyberattack that resulted in several zero-day vulnerabilities, this was called as Proxy Logon, initially launched by the Hafnium hacking group, first recognized in January and patched in March. Yet more groups joined and attacked the unpatched systems, resulting in the confidential information of thousands of organizations being compromised.

An insurance firm CNA was attacked by ransomware and left employees locked out of their systems and blocked from accessing corporate resources, this led to the company's important data being stolen and a financial loss of $40 million

As per Khaleej Times, many companies have paid more than $1.4 million (Dh5.1 million) in ransomware to regain access to their systems after cyberattacks in the past two years and 42 per cent of had to close down operations after the ransomware attack, according to a new report released. Ransomware attack in UAE has been a reason for several small companies closing down their business in which the companies that suffered ransomware attack and paid also did not get their data.

Types of Cyber security threats:

  • Malware: This refers to malicious software like spyware, ransomware, viruses, and worms. It gets activated when a user clicks on an unrecognized link, leading to the installment of harmful software, after activation, it can block access to crucial networks, install other harmful software, and make the system inoperable.
  • Distributed Denial of services (DOS): DDOS attacks online make a network or system unfunctional by flooding it with excessive traffic from so many locations, it slows down the response time of the server, and eradicates any sort of access during the attack, this is generated from a large number of infected computers known as a botnet.
  • Spam and Phishing: spams are the unwanted emails and messages from unknown sources whereas phishing involves malicious sources sending emails pretending to be a trustworthy source and recognized entity, they manipulate the information and ask users to follow a link that can result in data theft and loss of access to credentials.
  •  Corporate Account Takeover: CATO is in unauthorized business takeover by impersonating the identity, and funds are also transferred to accounts of cyber criminals. Thousands of corporations have suffered from ransomware attack and paid ransom in the United Arab Emirates.

How to Get security from cyber threats?

Protecting your software and system against cyber threats is as important as putting a lock on your door, each moment of an unprotected network is exposing you to thousands of cyber threats and data breaches. follow the given steps  to eliminate any prima facie threat to your system:

1. Train your Employees:

Most of the leakages happen through employees when they unknowingly click on any foreign link exposing the company's details to an outsider. so this is very important to give your staff primary training so that they can differentiate between secured and unsecured sources and be aware of current trends in cyber attacks, direct them to check a link before clicking on them, check the email address before opening any email and cross check before sending any important information. 

2. Keep your system Updated:

Not keeping your software and system updated weakens the whole security system of your company and this weakness can lead to unauthorized invasion of cyber criminals to your network, it is important to eliminate such threats by taking preventive measures, you can invest in a patch management system to keep your system up to date and safe.

3. Install a Firewall:

having a firewall is one of the most popular and successful ways of defending your system against a cyber breach because there are so many forms of data breaches and new one develops every day. But when you install a firewall it blocks any dangerous link or source before it can attack and do damage to your system.

4. Backup your Data:

Your Data is the engine running your business, No company can afford data loss in case of any disaster or a cyber attack. so it is better to back up all your data to prevent any serious downtime or financial loss. We backup your data using world class backup solutions such as Acronis Cloud, EaseUs or Veem backup solutions

5. WiFi Security:

In the everchanging working atmosphere, every system is connected to one or another wifi network further increasing the risk of invasion by unknown sources. Any device can get infected by connecting to an insecure network and thereafter it can even infect a secure network when connected putting the whole business network at risk. Therefore it is very important to secure and hide your wifi network.

6. Passwords:

Remembering password is one of the toughest tasks to avoid this, we often put the same password for different working platforms, putting our system at definite risk of hacking as it becomes easier for hackers to get over your system by breaking only one password they can get access to all your platforms and information, hence it is necessary to put different and difficult passwords for all the platforms


How Chipin can protect your company from cyber attacks:

With the threat of cyber attacks ever increasing the number of weekly attacks per organization going up significantly and its scope everchanging, it becomes very important to have a right-managed IT security services provider (MSSP) by your side so that no leakages can remain ignored or unseen. We are one of the best IT security solutions companies protecting customers against ransomware attack in uae. We partner with the leading IT providers such as Sophos, ESET, McAfee & TrendMicro to offer best ransomware protection services to our customers, we give you an incredible A to Z solution for all your security needs whether that be protecting your server or website from all type of  threats, spams, and malware or ransomware removal services. There is also a bright side of the story.

Benefits of Chipin over other IT security solutions

With Chipin as your Managed IT Security Service Provider (MSSP), you no longer have to worry about any upcoming cyber threats or attacks as our A to Z solutions cover everything, security of your system and software becomes our priority, Below are the points that make our security solutions superior to others:

  • Superior Protection
  • Reduced Total cost (TCO)
  • 24 x 7 Monitoring
  • Expert Guidance
  • Rapid Response 
  • Compliance
  • Ransomware removal services

Our IT Security Solutions Offerings

  • Real-Time Threat Monitoring (RTTM): We keep a regular check on your organization's equipment to identify any type of existing or upcoming security threat to it. Our Managed IT Security Service provides you with comprehensive daily, weekly and monthly reports to ensure the good health of your equipment and prevent any possible attack.
  • Patch Management: Some missing security patches the organizations generally oversees brings about the greatest risk of cyber attacks, with our patch management services you will get regular scans of all the connected endpoints and list all the issues, thereafter our team of experts will correct that to restore the safety of your organization.
  • Managed End point: Our Team of It experts regularly monitors that antivirus and malware solutions are installed on all your devices through a centrally monitored cloud portal, and we also take corrective measures whenever required.
  • Managed firewall: We offer management of all collective operations related to firewall from operation and administration to its monitoring. We also assist in establishing and maintaining the firewall rules so as to ensure efficient performance and security to your network.

Check out our IT Security Solutions section to see how we can help you.

Ransomware attacks in UAE