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How to disable protected view in Excel?

How to disable protected view in Excel?

When we download or copy an Excel file from the Internet or other unsafe locations to our computer, for the security of our computer, the Excel workbooks are opened as protected view. Sometimes, you may think this protected view is annoying, and you want to disable it. Now I tell you some quick tricks to disable protected view in Excel.

Step by Step on how to disable protected view in Excel

1. When we open an Excel file that is downloaded from the Internet or other locations, there is a Security Warning bar above the formula bar.

2. Then you just need to click Enable Content button (or Options button in Excel 2007), and it will exit the project view.

Note: Also, you can go to File > Info > Enable Content, and select Enable All Content to make the file a trusted file.

Set the Option to disable the protected view

If you want to stop the protected view permanently, you can set the Option of Excel.

1. Open Excel, and click File or the Office button > Options.

2. In the Options dialog, click Trust Center > Trust Center Settings.

3. Then click Protected View in the left pane, and then unchecked the settings you want.

4. Then click OK > OK to close dialogs, and it stops the protected view in Excel.

Note: There is no Protected View item in the Trust Center dialog in Excel 2007.

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